Who needs POSSync

Store owners who need to synchronize inventory between a POS ('Point of Sale') system like VendHQ, MerchantOS, Imonggo, and other POS systems and who sell online through BigCommerce 3DCart and other online e-Commerce systems .

Are you:

  • too busy to adjust online inventory on every sale in your retail store?
  • "holding-off" or only selling a manageable number of items online?
  • having to refund online customers because of over-selling?
  • Looking for a solution that fits your store?

Why POSSync
  • We make it simple to synchronize inventory between your POS system and your online store.
  • No complex setup options.
  • It's not a completely new inventory system to learn and manage
  • Sign up, set it up and go on with your life.
  • You should be focused on selling, not managing inventory.
What does POSSync do

POSSync keeps your online inventory levels synchronized with your POS system's inventory, by periodically checking for inventory fluctuations in your POS system and applying those changes to your eCommerce store's inventory levels.

**POSSync will NOT add items from your Point of Sale systems to your eCommerce store

Details about how it works (PDF)